Through the use of remedial massage techniques, dry needling, stretching and suggestive lifestyle modifications that can assist in injury rehabilitation and prevention while helping in regaining, maintaining and improving a better quality of life.

After spending almost 20 years involved in elite gymnastics as a coach, athlete and an international judge, owner and lead therapist has gone from producing some of Australia’s best athletes to assisting them in rehabilitation, pain management and injury prevention. His time as an elite coach has helped him get a deep understanding of the stresses the body withstands in different sports/physical activities and the importance of maintaining optimal biomechanics to maximise performance.

Although his passion is sports, his skill set allows him to help patients from all walks of life. A keen focus towards the rehabilitation processes of injuries and pain presentations makes him a well rounded therapist.


Michael is a qualified Remedial massage therapist with a passion for injury prevention and treatment through techniques used to restore correct posture and muscle function. Michael is a keen trail runner and rock climber who has a deep understanding of the specific needs of athletes suffering from all types

of sports related injuries. Mike has a strong passion for treating, suboptimal postural alignment leading to back, neck and shoulder pain, runner’s and rock climber’s conditions and deep myofascial release.