Through the use of remedial massage techniques, dry needling, stretching and suggestive lifestyle modifications that can assist in injury rehabilitation and prevention while helping in regaining, maintaining and improving a better quality of life.

After spending almost 20 years involved in elite gymnastics as a coach, athlete and an international judge, owner and lead therapist has gone from producing some of Australia’s best athletes to assisting them in rehabilitation, pain management and injury prevention. His time as an elite coach has helped him get a deep understanding of the stresses the body withstands in different sports/physical activities and the importance of maintaining optimal biomechanics to maximise performance.

Although his passion is sports, his skill set allows him to help patients from all walks of life. A keen focus towards the rehabilitation processes of injuries and pain presentations makes him a well rounded therapist.


Im a Blue Mountains local, who loves trail running and outdoor adventuring including rock climbing, mountain biking, canyoning and camping. I am passionate about sports remedial and recovery massage and have worked with the NSW swifts professional netball team, also I currently work as a remedial massage therapist with the Penrith Panthers first grade team where I have helped develop the very best NRL players in Australia. It has be a privilege and an eye opening experience to work within the cutting edge systems of the Panthers, where we work with some of the very best physiotherapists and physical therapists in Australia. This experience has given me access to industry leading techniques in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, PNF stretching, joint mobilisation and cross fibre techniques to name a few. I use these techniques in combination and they are extremely effective for sports recovery and remedial massage, injury rehabilitation, pain and stress relief, stretching and loosening tight muscles, improving physical performance, injury prevention and enhancing general well being. My other passion is assisting my clients to achieve optimal postural alignment which is often out of alignment due to various factors including lifestyle, age and repetitive exercises that neglect the antagonist muscle groups which are responsible for keeping our body in a balanced posture. Poor posture is a major contributor to pain, injury, discomfort and suboptimal athletic performance. To achieve a great posture for you I work with the very best physical and natural therapists in the Blue Mountains and together we make up a team that can help you achieve your health, performance and well being goals.

audrey Mason

A remedial massage therapist for over 10 years, Audrey uses a wide range of techniques to help methodically relieve tension from muscle groups and improve mobility, reduce pain and encourage the body to heal itself. Focussing first on your medical history to investigate old injury and referral patterns, she will create a treatment plan and aftercare regimen to aid you in improving performance as well as in your everyday life. A good, easy posture is the fundamental basis of a well-functioning body and the cornerstone of your massage treatment.

Audrey has a well-rounded education in both technical and wholistic aspects of massage, having studied at both TAFE and Nature Care College. She was inspired to take this career path after her first massage, which helped resolve a chronic problem that had been intermittently painful since childhood. This instigated a real passion for helping every client fulfil their potential and feel comfortable and well in their body.